Take action at the Indiana statehouse!

Abortion is now banned in 14 states, and we can’t let Indiana be next. Join us at the Indiana Statehouse and tell legislators: #BansOffIndiana!

Friday, August 5, 1 p.m.: Join the Future Leaders Reproductive Rally

Indianapolis Statehouse - South Atrium
Here's how to access the Capitol

Senate Bill 1 bans abortion outright. This bill has very narrow exemptions that are virtually impossible to access and will criminalize providers for up to 12 years. This bill is an attack on our rights, our bodily autonomy, and our ability to control our lives. More info on SB 1 here
Senate Bill 2 funnels money into crisis pregnancy centers, which are fake health clinics that provide medically inaccurate and biased information. These fake clinics have a harmful agenda: to scare, shame, and pressure patients out of getting an abortion and to tell lies about birth control, abortion, and sexual health.
House Bill 1001 forces young people to get parental consent to access birth control and funnels money into crisis pregnancy centers.

Thank you for being with us in this pivotal moment in reproductive health and history. Here are more actions you can take to fight for reproductive rights and abortion access in Indiana.