Current Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities

Last updated 2024-05-28


Email your CA state legislator: Protect health care access for Medi-Cal patients!

Governor Newsom has proposed to redirect $90M intended for Medi-Cal abortion and family planning reimbursement rates. This redirection threatens the ability of community health centers to serve patients in the most vulnerable communities. We recognize the current state budget pressures, but we must ensure all Californians have access to essential health care.

Now, Planned Parenthood supporters must contact the state legislature and ask them to reject the Governor's proposal and secure funding for Medi-Cal in the final budget.

USE THIS FORM to email your representative directly - it includes template language and will be sent to your representative based on your zip code!


Become a Planned Parenthood Ambassador - sign up for a training!

Sign up for an upcoming virtual training herethen a staff member will be in touch with next steps 


Sign up to join Planned Parenthood Mar Monte's team of Ambassador volunteers! Ambassadors are a team of on-call volunteers that support PPMM's work through advocacy, outreach, projects, and other activities that advance PPMM’s mission. 


Ambassadors are also given tools and resources to take action in their own communities and on their own time. There will be virtual and in-person activities, and opportunities will vary - some months there might be multiple actions, and some months might be slower. 


Ambassadors will support PPMM as well as PP Advocates Mar Monte (PPMM’s electoral sister organization) with non-electoral and electoral work, like canvassing and phone banking.



Join a Planned Parenthood-Affiliated Campus Club

Join a Gen Action club on your campus! Several of the Planned Parenthood-affiliated clubs, called Gen Action clubs, are recruiting new members and leaders. Use the links below to be connected with the leaders for the clubs at any of the below schools. 


Publicly Share Your Story

Your story can make a difference. Whether it's affordable birth control or the right to safe and legal abortion, tell us why these services matter to you. We like to uplift a broad range of stories and perspectives to help show lawmakers, the media, and supporters just what we're fighting and advocating for. 


We have already heard from volunteer story-tellers throughout our service region whose willingness to share their experience is really inspiring!


Use the Take Action Volunteer Toolkit

Use Planned Parenthood Mar Monte's Take Action Volunteer Toolkit to volunteer on your own time. There are multiple opportunities, from hosting a screening to doing relational organizing using the Impactive app to advocating on social media and more, that allow you to make a difference and get involved with PPMM.

On the Take Action Volunteer Toolkit page, click on the yellow "Take Action" button below each opportunity to learn more.

After you take action, report your impact to report what actions you completed.


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